Are you wanting to start a blog, but you are scared to move forward? I do know what you’re going through for sure. So, today I will help you overcome your fears of blogging.

Scared to start a blog? How to overcome your fears of blogging.

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I think all new bloggers go through experiencing at least one, if not many of the common fears of blogging. This is completely understandable.

Building a blog can be a difficult and overwhelming task for some. The constant fear of what if’s can prevent you from moving forward.

Fear is a complex emotion. It can keep you from achieving your dreams, it can paralyze you and it can also keep you safe. Let’s look at the dictionary definition of fear.

“An unpleasant, often strong emotion, caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.”

Some us have been through frightful situations our lives. Maybe you were in a horrific accident or a victim of a crime. These are legitimate situations where our body feels fear.

All to often though, our fear is imagined. For example, going in for a job interview, public speaking, or pursuing a dream. That fear stems from the thought of failing. Once you push forward though, after you go through your “fearful” experience, you realize that you survived and it wasn’t as bad as you imagined.

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Starting anything new in life and straying away from our normal routine can be unsettling. How often have you heard people say “I don’t like change”? So we have these dreams and instead of pursuing them we just stay doing the same old thing every day. Why? Because change is scary. There are a lot of unknowns and we want to stay in our comfort zone.

I have good news for you though. It is possible to overcome your fears of blogging and push forward. Let’s go over the ten most common fears of blogging and how you can overcome them.

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Scared to start a blog? How to overcome your fears of blogging.

1. What if too many people are blogging about my topic?

As of 2018, there are 76.5 million blogs on WordPress alone. This doesn’t even include the millions of blogs on other platforms such as Tumblr and Squarespace. Do NOT let these numbers discourage you though. People blog for a variety of reasons and on many different subjects.

Sure there will be others blogging in your niche, but there will be competition in any business. The key to being successful is to be better than your competition and offer something they are not.

2. I don’t know what I’m doing.

Nobody knows what they are doing when they first start something that is unknown to them. That’s ok! Start by reading other blogs in your niche to see what the competition is doing. You can get an idea of how you want your blog design to look.  You may also want to take courses, watch YouTube videos,  or hire a professional blog coach.

Most importantly find a trusted source. Just because you see something on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. Absolutely anyone can start a blog so it’s very important to be smart and aware of everything you are reading.

Don’t just read one blog post and believe what they say. A lot of advice is based on opinions, what works for one blogger may not work for another. Do your research!

I hope with my blog you will find useful information. With experience comes knowledge, and you can be assured that with being a business owner since 2002 and blogging since 2014 that will you receive the best possible advice I can provide.

If you need assistance I offer professional blog coaching services to help you with all your blogging needs.

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3. I don’t have enough time.

This one I hear a lot. You may already work full time or have children, or maybe you have both. I get it, trust me I do. If you feel your schedule is full, starting your blog slowly is absolutely ok. You don’t have to come running out of the gates full blast. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, your blog won’t be either.

If this is what’s holding you back you need to take a step back and really analyze where your time is spent. Are you watching TV or spending too much time on Facebook? If so, those things can be eliminated from your daily routine to free up some time.

If you can get a half hour here or there a day you will be one step closer each time. You can find time on breaks at work or lunchtime. Also, you can even listen to podcasts while you exercise or even when your driving in the car. If this is a goal of yours cutting out extra activities for a while until you get things going will most likely be necessary.

If you have the extra money to invest in the beginning, maybe hiring a professional to help you would be in your best interest.

The key is to focus on your main goal. Once you get things up and running and have a good handle on what your doing you can resume your regular schedule.

4. What if my family and friends find out?

Let me start by saying I am an introvert to the extreme. I really struggled with putting my name and face out there. I’m a private person and I don’t like people knowing my business.

Many people say use your picture because most readers want to put a face to your blog. They want to know you’re a real person and not some scammer or sleazeball. As an avid blog reader myself, I agree with that point.

In reality, there are billions of people searching the internet and the chances of them discovering you are pretty slim.

Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable though. There are anonymous bloggers out there or they are writing under a pen name. Do whatever makes you comfortable.

5. What if I fail?

Truth is, failure does not have to be an option. If you don’t try something you will never know what the outcome will be.

Chances are there is always something you could be doing to improve your business. If things are not progressing the way you had hoped, there are always options. You can do research yourself to see what you could be doing better or again there is always an option to hire a professional.

If you invest in yourself and your business chances are you will get greater results.

6. What if I’m not cut out for this?

You won’t know unless you try. When you try something new in life you have no idea what the outcome will be. Building a blog does take a lot of hard work and dedication.

Put yourself up to the test, with a little hard work anything is possible.

7. What about internet trolls and people who are just plain rude?

Nobody likes having their feelings hurt. Unfortunately, dealing with unpleasant people is a part of normal everyday life. No matter where we go we have the chance of encountering someone who is not a nice person. Internet trolls and bullies (keyboard warriors as I like to call them) run rampant everywhere on the internet.

You need to develop a thick skin. I know this can be easier said than done but understanding the mind of these miserable people is key. For one, strong confident individuals do not go around talking crap. Most people that are rude are just miserable human beings. Many have struggles going on in lives and being ignorant towards others is how they deal with things.

This is unfortunate to the victims, but if you learn to blow off rude comments the better off you will be.

Try to look at from someone else’s point of view. You can always respond with something nice. Have you ever heard the term “kill them with kindness”? This is so true sometimes.

8. What if they don’t like my product/service?

No matter how good you are at something there will always be someone, somewhere, for some reason that is not going to like what you have to offer and that’s ok. Instead of taking offense and looking at it from a negative point of view turn it into something positive and consider it an opportunity to improve.

9. What if my content isn’t good enough?

If you want your blog to be successful you will have to provide quality content. Remember practice makes perfect and you will get better in time.

Do your research and take your time when writing a blog post. I’ve seen bloggers say they can write posts in 30 minutes. Don’t be that blogger! It is impossible to provide anything of quality in that short amount of time. That is why I put out one article a week. It gives me plenty of time to write the perfect post.

Remember – Quality over quantity.

10. What if people think I’m stupid?

Unfortunately, writing isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone. The good thing is the more you write the better your skills will become. I struggled with writing in the beginning. After I would write a blog post I would over analyze every word I wrote. I may still be guilty of this a little. This is just the perfectionist inside of me struggling to come out. The thing that helped me the most was signing up for Grammerly.

At first, I used the free option which was pretty good, but then eventually upgraded to the premium version. This is one thing I highly recommend if you have a blog. If you struggle with your writing skills or even if English is not your native language, it will make your writing look professional and avoid you looking like a total fool.

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Final Thoughts

I know the task of starting a blog can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there on the internet of what you should and shouldn’t be doing. It is practically impossible to make heads or tails of any of it. Who do you listen to? What should you believe? Who is right?

With any business, the one important this to remember is you always need to be educating yourself and improving. You will make mistakes along the way and you will learn from them. In the beginning, what you once thought was a great idea may change five years down the road.

You just need to embrace your fear. Your fear only grows when you let it consume you.

Let’s get started, read my easy step-by-step guide for beginners on How To Start A Blog.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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Scared To Start A Blog? (How To Overcome Your Fears Of Blogging)